I live for the slurry of emotions and sensations that traveling harbors.  The tingle in your tummy when you spot your terminal letter as you approach the airport.  The sight of your loved ones waving goodbye as you walk down the aisle to the security line.  That drop in your stomach when the plane's wheels leave the pavement of the runway.  And the first deep inhale you take when you step out of the airport and into your destination.  Italy has a particular smell that I dream about.  And no, I'm not referring to the ubiquitous scent of cigarette smoke and  expensive perfume/cologne that permeates most of Europe.  (If you've ever been, you know what I mean).  But above all, I live for the butterflies.  I love the idea of an adventure and the fact that such possibility lays before me.  These butterflies are the reason I am addicted to travel.  They drive me and inspire me to book that next flight and to leave my comfort zone.

 The course of the next six weeks will be determined by me- my attitude, my confidence, and my ability to maintain an open mind.  I'm excited to see what the future holds and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to do what I love- travel, explore, and eat.  So watch out Italia- I have a voracious appetite for adventure and food!

Ciao for now!