After weeks of walking by, creepily trying to get a glimpse of bagel making in action, and waiting for the paper to be taken down from the windows, Bagelsaurus finally opened on a rainy Wednesday in October.  Given that my work hours are the exact hours that Bagelsaurus is open, Saturday of that week was the day that I finally made it.  Anticipating a bit of a wait, 15 minutes or so, I made the commitment to tough out the line despite my grumbling stomach.  However, after 30 minutes and finding myself still outside of the shop, I knew this was not your typical New York-style deli filled with fast-paced men who have been smearing bagels with cream cheese since they could walk and have no patience for indecisive individuals, including myself.  If you do not have your mind up, you will chastised.  However, Bagelsaurus is not a New York deli and that's what makes it special.  Their bagels are delicious and it just happens to be in Cambridge, in a much more laid-back environment.  And that's what makes it awesome.

Despite the number of colleges and Jewish communities in the Boston area, there are very few bagel spots.  And there are even fewer good bagel spots.  So there is definitely a market for bagels.  And until now, that market has remained rather untapped.  Enter: Bagelsaurus.  And as you can see in the above picture, I was not the only one jumping for joy for the opportunity to sink my teeth into a good bagel.

A bit of background: Bagelsaurus started as a mini bakery inside the sandwich shop, Cutty's, in Brookline.  Mary Ting Hyatt, the previous manager of Cutty's, who has also done stints at Hungry Mother and Clear Flour Bakery.  Hyatt is now the owner of the brick-and-mortar, Bagelsaurus.

The bagels are certainly more expensive than your average bagel, but the price is not unreasonable for the quality of product Bagelsaurus puts out.  If you want average, you can pay average prices.  If you want excellent, you can pay above-average prices.  In addition to their bagels, their coffee (La Colombe) and their banana coffee cake are both very good.

In response to the long lines, Bagelsaurus has started to offer grab bags, in which a customer can go to the front of the line and get a bag of assorted bagels to take home and enjoy.  It also comes with two toppings of your choice.  This is a great choice if you are entertaining and/or just want a Bagelsaurus bagel in your mouth ASAP.

Behold: the selection.

In the back row: sesame bagel with plain cream cheese (to properly assess the bagel's quality).  In the front row: hot smoked salmon on plain with cream cheese.  

The Bagelsaurus bagel is airy yet chewy and sure to guarantee that sore jaw effect that any good bagel provides.  It also has a unique hint of sourdough that is often found in artisan breads but not in bagels.  This flavor is a welcome one and pairs well with the bolder flavors of their toppings, especially the mustard butter (which you must try!)

This is the T-Rex.  Almond butter, honey, banana, and bacon on a cinnamon raisin bagel.  I could eat this for breakfast every morning and be happy.  I do love savory bagels and bagel sandwiches but my favorite are the sweet bagels.  So in my humble opinion, this sandwich is the bee's knees.  The addition of bacon provides some saltiness to cut through the sweetness of the banana and honey.

Egg.  This a fried egg, extra sharp cheddar and bacon ($2 extra but definitely a must-have) on a sea salt bagel.  This is the ultimate breakfast sandwich.  Each fried egg is prepared lovingly on a small grill top so while you might have to wait a couple extra minutes for this beauty, it is well worth the wait.

Given the celerity with which the bagels sell out daily (I follow them on Instagram where they typically declare that they have sold out of bagels for the day by noon on a Saturday), the Bagelsaurus secret is out and their bagels are in high demand.  Also, the flow of the operation has become much smoother since its opening so you most likely won't have to wait for an hour like I did on that first day to get your bagel.

Now I am not trying to sell these bagels as the new New York bagel.  Because they are not.  But for us Boston folk who have been to New York, eaten a bagel at Ess-a-bagel or any of its competitors, and forever have high expectations for bagels only to be disappointed when we venture out in Boston, Bagelsaurus is a beacon of hope for bagel-lovers everywhere.  In conclusion, get thee to Bagelsaurus and see what its all about!