I know that January 1st was about two weeks ago now, but it seems like the excitement of a new year is just now starting to seep into my veins.  I am feeling refreshed, energized, hopeful, and downright happy!  I am also feeling rather pensive about the past year.  Hear me out. 2012- what a bloody mad and fabulous year.  I am both ecstatic yet hesitant to see it go.  It was a year of amazing growth for me.  Despite some personal bumps in the road, each of those bumps presented me with a lesson and ultimately strengthen me.  And for that, I will look back fondly on 2012.

It was the year I graduated from college.

It was the year I had the opportunity to see the person I never want to be again.

It was the year I learned first-hand the excruciating initial sting of heartbreak.

But it was also the year I learned that time heals.

It was the year I officially began the journey to the coveted RD and took one really big step closer to my long-time goals.

It was the year I met more wonderful people and made more amazing friends than I can count.

It was the year I discovered what it feels like to have the blood and warmth rush back into my heart even when I swore I'd never feel anything again.

Above all, it was the year I learned to let go and to finally just bask in the glory of being a 20-something year-old for a while.  

While I would be lying if I said that everyday is filled with rainbows and butterflies, I can safely say that I feel more confident, loved, and alive today than I ever have.  And I have 2012 to thank for that.

Given the fact that I could never have predicted how much the past year would change me and my life, I won't deny the fact that I greet 2013 with some trepidation.  But it is evident that I have survived and am a better person because of it.  Therefore, I am looking forward to the near future and I welcome the mystery with open arms.

Cheers to a new year and a fresh start!