That time of the [day].

Given that it's that universally dreaded day of "losing an hour" I figured it would be appropriate to reveal my deep, dark secret. I'm a morning person.  I adore everything about the morning: the quiet, the lighting, and just knowing that I am one of the few with open eyes at that moment.

I am also my most productive in the morning (caffeine does indeed play a major role).

One of my favorite things to do lately is to wake up nice and early, eat breakfast, get dressed/pretty, grab a prime seat at one of my two favorite coffee shops near school, order a cafe au lait, and read blogs/do work before I have to jet off to classes.  This time is just so special to me and it allows me to get a great start on my day.

Even on weekends I jump out of bed to make a special breakfast (i.e. oatmeal or pancakes), read, listen to music, and possibly go to a dance class or for a walk.

While I am realizing that it is difficult to find the words to accurately express my love of mornings, here are some images of my most recent, favorite mornings.



And with that, I wish you the happiest of Sunday mornings!