Julia Sementelli, MS, RD, LDN

Listen to your body
Life should not be about restriction

I'm a registered dietitian who is passionate about helping to heal peoples’ relationships with food.  Like many of us, I have struggled to tune out the diet culture that is pervasive in today’s culture.  I do not believe in diets. What I've learned is that diets and labeling foods as good and bad can lead to a very unhealthy relationship with food.  Life should not be about restriction- it should be about enjoying oneself, especially when it comes to food. It seems that most people these days believe themselves to be a nutrition expert- this is made us think that everyone except ourselves is the expert on how to eat. When in reality, we are the experts of our own bodies’ needs because every body is different.  Therefore, I am a big believer in listening to our bodies. However, diet culture has made it such that we have lost that intuition that we had when we were children about how to eat. That’s where I come in. As a registered dietitian, I have years of experience working with many different nutrition concerns. But the one that I am most passionate about it debunking those nutrition myths and slew of nutrition misinformation from the media that have made us forget what we like to eat and transformed it into what we think we should eat. Working together, I will help you to reinvigorate your relationship with food and nutrition and help you to adopt a more intuitive way.

In addition to recipes and restaurant reviews, this blog is also a vehicle for my musings on nutrition myths and fostering a healthy relationship with food.  I have learned that life is too short to be spent eating only carrots and hummus.  This blog and my nutrition practice are a testament to my love of food, all of it- nothing is off limits.