Julia Sementelli, MS, RD, LDN

Listen to your body
Life should not be about restriction

I'm a registered dietitian who is passionate about real food.  Like many of us, I am always trying to balance my passion for fueling my body with wholesome foods with my love of the gourmet.  But what I've learned is that there is no need to choose one over the other.  To me, there is nothing like a summer tomato fresh off of the vine, but I refuse turn down a good bread basket when dining out.  I am a big believer in listening to our bodies- if you are in the mood for a kale smoothie, go with it.  If you are in the mood for a slice of pizza straight out of the oven, go for it.  Life should not be about restriction- it should be about enjoying oneself, especially when it comes to food. 

There is a slew of nutrition misinformation out there.  It can seem nearly impossible to know what is "good" or "bad" for us.  I do not believe in diets- they distinguish certain foods as evil, when no food, when eaten in moderation, is ever bad.  In addition to recipes and restaurant reviews, this blog is also a vehicle for my musings on nutrition myths and fostering a healthy relationship with food.  I have learned that life is too short to be spent eating only carrots and hummus.  This blog and my nutrition practice are a testament to my love of food, all of it- nothing is off limits.